Meet Londa's Team

Savannah (The Muse)

The inspiration behind Londa's Laboratory!  
Most micro-preemie babies have food aversions, due to having so many tubes in their nose and mouth. Savannah never had any eating issues - she will eat and try anything! Her favorite food is food and it is best to have her food prepared ahead of time, as she won't wait around. Savannah is known to take matters into her own hands!! To the pantry, she goes for anything within her reach!

Azariah (Dessert King, Prop Helper)

My youngest son and also my "Dessert King"!
He looks forward to helping and being in the kitchen. He is always asking for desserts, his requests are for 'real' desserts like apple pie, cakes and donuts!
Azariah is my #1 "go-to" guy when I need a spoon or fork held for picture purposes!

Isaiah (Taste Tester, Lighting)

My oldest son who gave me the idea of calling my blog "Londa's Laboratory"!
After I cook my meals, I call on him to taste it. Although, he is my pickiest eater; since I've been cooking at home, he has expanded his palate!
Isaiah is also my "lighting guy" for food pictures that I take in the evening!