Vodka & Dill Smoked Salmon Angel Hair Pasta Nests


1-2 pckg of Vodka and Dill Smoked Salmon

1 jar of Alfredo Sauce

1 - pckg of Angel Hair Nests

1 - tspn of oil ( I used avocado oil)

Smoked black pepper

Boil water add salt to taste, drop nests in , boil for 2 min and then scoop out with a slotted spoon immediately to your plate.
In a small sauce pan, heat up the alfredo sauce. I also added some smoked black pepper.
In a small skillet, put in the oil and then place the slices of salmon. It literally takes about 20 secs for the slices to become opaque. You don’t technically need to do this step, but I prefer to.
Take a spoon and drizzle the alfredo sauce over the angel hair nests, and then place the salmon on top.

Garnish with smoked black pepper ( If desired)